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Summary of the news:-

  • Matt Whitehead let me know of an interesting short titled "The Night Ferris Bueller Died". It tells the story of a delusional man, Luke Porter, on a past-midnight subway ride mistaking a fellow passenger, Randy Mitchell, for the famed actor, Matthew Broderick. It has a web page at which has links to watch excerpts of it or even the entire film. I have added it to the Choice Ferris Links section along with others.
  • If you previously placed a Save Ferris! banner link to your site you may have noticed that the image has gone broken recently. This is because Fortunecity no longer allows external sites to link to graphics on it's site, so I have altered the code on the Link to Save Ferris page.

  • October 19 1999 saw the release of Ferris on DVD by Paramount. The most exciting feature of it is the audio commentary by John Hughes in which he discusses his own feelings and memories about filming the movie.

  • Found some great Real Audio stuff at, Click here to hear a sound byte of Matthew Broderick talking about Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and here for his response to the question, .



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